We have an evening of golden sunshine at Port of Hanko, and Sorlandet's white coatpaint sets her off the industrial area at her berth near the harbour entrance. Helena heads to Nauvo in the morning, where we find a quiet inlet to drop anchor and take a swim around the ship. Pull-ups on the bowsprit chain are fun! After an hour of drying our hair in the hot sun and admire the summer houses by the shore. Famous Pink Boat pays a visit and comes alongside.

Just as we decided to set sails, the winds gets very gusty, channelling between the nearby islands, and after a pretty wild one-hour ride we're forced to switch to motor propulsion. The trip gets exciting again when we meet Russian replica warship Shtandart and Finnish Galeass Olga, who accompanies us for a bit. Beautiful green-white seascape as the wind freshens up and some interesting sailing by piloting.

At Nauvo guest harbour overenthusiastic pilot-boats try to push Helena towards her mooring place alongside Morgenster and have to be told off.

Nauvo has a cute little shoreside market und its own inofficial racing flag. Colin Archer vessel Aglalia moores alongside us and I'm jumping ship for half of the night to have a chat in German with the extraordinarily friendly crew (A very short night, as Helena leaves at 05:00 am for Turku).

At Turku, Helena is at her usual berth off museum ship Suomen Joutsen's stern, and now directly opposite of gorgeous Kruzenshtern and Sedov. River Aura provides the perfect setting for the fleet, masts and festive flags everywhere, and a non-stop stream of enthusiastic visitors. We get a tour by the captain on nearby Czech replica warship La Grace, which was built by the very people who're now sailing her. The captain's cabin looks like something right out of a pirate movie, and her berths must be very comfortable. The captain tells us they demand their trainees to learn the names and functions of 80 lines within the first week (under threat of a good flogging!).

Helena gets more than her fair share of onboard vistors and is cheered by the crowd on her way to Utö (close to which the starting line to Leg 2 / Klaipeda is).